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Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND)

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Puppet Show

Puppets Can Teach

Involving entertainment from our professional ventriloquists or puppet masters, can bring subjects to life in an entertaining and non-threatening way.

The children laugh as they learn.

Funtime with Mascots

Funtime with Mascots

The exciting and immersive experience from TeenyWeenyVR makes it easy for our mascots and hosts to engage with and involve the children and take them around visitor attractions in a fun-filled way.

Magician Marvin

Learning is Magic

Things we do not understand often look like magic so why not use magic to explain how the world works?

Using magic tricks and shows introduces a world of wonder and physical science through tricks and juggling.

Boy with headset looking at make it virtual sign

Learning through Edutainment

From simple introductions to complex subjects, TeenyWeenyVR scales to meet the individual educational challenge of each SEND child through fun-based content.

Visit Preparation

TeenyWeenyVR helps your child prepare for new adventures and experiences using virtual reality tours of travel attractions around the world.

Phobia, anxiety, change and transition episodes can all be reduced in advance with a calming and fully immersive introduction.

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Preparing for a library visit
Boy with headset infront of black board with 'learning is fun' behind

Inclusive Participation

The immersive nature of TeenyWeenyVR allows special educational needs children to safely access a much wider range of educational and entertainment experiences.

Just Entertainment

Sometimes it is nice to just relax and enjoy a new experience.

TeenyWeenyVR delivers a comforting and non-threatening way for your child to escape to another world.

Young girl with VR headset

Our Collaborations and Clients

TeenyWeenyVR works with a number of partners to help to make our vision a reality and deliver our mission of providing excellent learning experiences to our customers.